On Demand FAQ

What does your snow removal service include.

Your service includes the removal of snow off your driveway. This is done by commercial plows and blowers that float on the surface of your driveway. This equipment will not remove hard packed snow or ice. All orders are subcontracted to local companies. Please ensure that your driveway is clear of obstructions as our drivers will not move your property. 

What happens if I clear my driveway before you do?

You may cancel your plow request at any time provided our plow operator has not begun clearing your driveway. You can do this by signing into our customer portal or by responding to your text message notification with the word ABORT.

How much will it cost to have my driveway plowed?

Pricing varies based on location and the size and type of driveway that you have. To determine the price of your driveway, choose the order now option to begin the process. You are not obligated to complete the order process.

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How quickly will my driveway get plowed?

The time it takes for a plow operator to arrive at your location varries based on current weather conditions. On average, most driveways are plowed within 3-4 hours on the day requested. In circumstances of inclimate weather, your driveway may not get plowed until the following day.

Will my driveway get plowed if it contains a vehicle or other obstructions?

It is up to the individual plow operator to determine how to handle driveway obstructions. A plow operator may decide that they cannot plow your driveway if the obstruction does not leave enough room to safely maneuver around it. If this is the case, you will not be charged. If it is safe to maneuver around the obstruction, the operator will do their best to clear the driveway to the best of their abilities. You will be charged the full amount if your driveway can only be partially cleared.

What happens if the plow operator damages my property?

If you suspect that a plow operator has damaged your property, please contact us. We'll put you in touch with the provider so that they may investigate further.

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I have an odd shaped driveway. How do I determine its length and width?

We request that you provide the dimensions of your driveway based on length and width in cars. If your driveway doesn't fit this concept, ensure that the length of your driveway is correctly indicated and estimate what the width would be based on the variances in your driveway.

Will your drivers clear my walkways?

Not at this time. We are looking into adding this in the future.

Will your service remove ice and hard buildup?

Our plow operators will not remove ice or packed snow. Doing so could result in property damage.

Will your plow operators move obstructions?

Our plow operators will not move any obstructions on your driveway.

Should I stake my driveway?

Yes. Staking your driveway allows PlowConnect operators to properly clear your driveway. If you do not stake your driveway we are not liable for property damage.


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