Barrie On Demand Snow Removal

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Follow our simple account creation process. Having an account make future plow requests even faster.


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Answer a few simple questions about your driveway’s size, shape and surface type so we can give you an accurate price.


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Choose to have your driveway plowed today or on a future date. It's easy and painless. Sit back and relax.


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Your driveway is ready to be plowed by a fully insured and qualified professional on the date you've selected.


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We’ll send you a photo of your cleared driveway via email or text message to confirm a job well done!

We Like to Make Things Simple


Painless Ordering


Follow our simple 4 step signup process to request your first plow. Sign in through or send a text message to request a future plow.
It’s that easy!


Realtime Notifications


Get notified as soon as the job is complete. We’ll even send you a photo of your cleared driveway via text or email. That way you know exactly when the job is done!


No Commitment


Efficient service with no hidden fees or annual commitments. You do not need to pay us for a full season ahead of time. Request a plow only when you need it. It’s really that simple!


Peace of Mind


Work is performed by insured professionals with commercial grade equipment. Give your back a rest! Sit down and relax while our providers clear away the heavy snow for you!