What are the Benefits?


Job Management

With our user friendly iPhone/Android app, operators accept jobs, flag jobs as complete, and move on to the next job. You get a detailed list of completed jobs at the end of each week.


Get Paid Quickly

We save you the tedious paperwork. We’ll invoice the customers and pay you at the end of each week.


More Jobs

We’ll provide you with jobs in the area you already service. Accept the jobs you want. Pass on the ones you don’t.

How the process works


A customer requests a plow via Plow Connect's website or a text message.


Jobs requested for the current day are placed in the available job queue within minutes and a notification is sent out to each operator within range.


Jobs requested for a future date are placed in the available job queue at midnight of the requested date.


An operator views the job queue using an app on their smart phone. Jobs listed are sorted by distance from the operators current location.


The operator taps on a job to see the details of the job and accept it if interested.


Accepted jobs appear in the operators personal job list. Viewing the jobs details allow the operator to flag the job as started.


Operator clears the driveway and takes a photo using the app. The completed job is removed from the list.


The customer is billed by Plow Connect. 70% is applied to your PlowBank account. You can view your earnings at any time through the Provider Portal.


Providers are paid weekly for the earnings from the previous week.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I get paid?

Payments are made to providers every Thursday for work performed within the past 7 days.

How much do I make for plowing a driveway?

Upon signing up, Plow Connect will provide you documentation which will include a pricing matrix based on various driveway sizes. Plow Connect collects 30% for its services.

Do I have to take every job assigned to me?

Jobs are not assigned to you. They are made available to plow operators based on their distance from the job. Each operator chooses the distance and central point. The central point can either be specific address, such as their home, or it can be the location of their vehicle as they travel. At no point is an operator obligated to accept a job.

How do I acquire plow job?

Each operator installs an iPhone or Android app which displays jobs available within their area as well as jobs that have been accepted by them. Operators are notified, through the app, when a new job becomes available.

Once I accept a job, how much time do I have to complete it?

Operators must complete a job within 2 hours of accepting it. If the job is not completed within the allotted time, it becomes available for other operators within range.

What happens if I don't press START when I begin a Job?

The start button prevents a customer from cancelling a Job. If you start a job without pressing the button and a user cancels the job, you will not be paid for it.

Do I have to clear the customers walkways?

The customer is purchasing driveway clearing only.