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#1 Dangerous things about January storms.


For Barrie, January is known for having more snowfall than any of the other winter months. Constantly changing weather patterns, warm fronts followed by cold fronts off the lakes, and below freezing temperatures can make some terrible road conditions. Snow can quickly become ice pellets and blizzards can become white outs dangerously fast. Here are […]

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Enjoy Your Vacation. We’ll Clear The Snow From Your Driveway Before You Return


Imagine a lovely family, resembling your own, who worked hard everyday. When the holiday season came along they decided to use up some savings to take a short vacation to a warmer climate. They dug out their shorts, t-shirts and bathings suits and packed everything into their car, driving off to this warmer climate. While […]

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5 Tips for Snow Shovelling in Barrie & Orillia

snow shovelling tips barrie orillia

Barrie and Orillia receive a significant amount of snow each winter. Snow shovelling should be taken seriously. It takes a lot of effort. Many are not properly prepared and injure themselves. Follow these 5 tips to help avoid injuring yourself while clearing your driveway and walkway. 1) Dress Properly and Use Proper Equipment Dress appropriately […]

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