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Average Snowfall in Barrie


Although Barrie isn’t near the top snowiest city in Canada, it does receive an average of 223 cm of snow a year based on data collected from 1981-2010, (Source) putting it in seventh place of the overall snowiest cities in Canada. Barrie accumulates it’s snow during an average of 46 days in the winter season. Factoring that in Barrie receives an average of 4.84 cm of snow per snowfall putting it in third among Canadian cities for centametres per snowfall (Source).

Snowfall in Canada: Source

Watch out for January and February as it snows 112 cm out of the yearly 223 cm – that’s 50% of Barrie’s annual snowfall! (Source)

With that kind of snow there is bound to be one day you can’t bear to shovel your driveway. Give Plow Connect a call and we’ll plow it for you.

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