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barrie orillia residential snow removal

Plow Connect can be used four different ways:

-With a seasonal contract your driveway will be plowed every time there is a snowfall greater than 2 inches (5 cm). This is a one time only payment, so if you don’t have the time to shovel, we recommend making a contract. Make sure to check out Why Hire a Snow Removal Service

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-You are about to go on a much needed vacation, but worry about how much snow will fall back home and how much shovelling you’ll have to do when you get back. Don’t worry about it. You can  call Plow Connect and we’ll send a plow to your driveway the day before you get home, just this one time.

-The weather says it’s going to snow between now and the time you have to get up for work. The roads might be clear but your driveway won’t be. Have one less worry in the morning and order a plow to clear your driveway before you have to leave for work.

-Help out your elderly neighbours, or your friend from next door. Share Plow Connect with your loved ones or neighbours by ordering a plow for their driveways as well.

Making the request is simple. You don’t pay until your driveway is cleared, and we’ll even send you a photo of your driveway when we’re done.

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