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Barrie Snow Shovelling Tips

With winter fast approaching it’s a good idea to remind yourself of the importance of snow removal upkeep. If you let snow accumulate on your property, it can melt and refreeze causing a buildup of ice which could be hazardous. Ice and packed snow is difficult to remove and will most likely remain with you for the remainder of the winter.

Snow Shovelling Equipment

Proper driveway maintenance begins with appropriate equipment. For example, if you have a large driveway you may require as snow blower. However, if you have a smaller driveway or you’re looking for extra exercise, a medium to large sized shovel will do.

Salt, granule ice melt, calcium chloride pellets or other forms of ice melters are a great way to ensure that your driveway and walkway are free from snow and ice. Just be careful with the quantities used as you could end up creating an icier situation.